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The Project

Shipit pro is the world’s first full-scale eCommerce services platform and application enabling sellers from European Union (EU)  and importers from 3rd countries to sell into the EU with a fast, transparent, and seamless process that is secured with blockchain-based timestamps.



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Shipit pro’s platform calculates the CO2 emissions of the entire parcel’s cross-border movement chain by obtaining the carbon emissions cost of the

transportation (future potential of production as well) of the product straight from the manufacturer or the eShop selling the product. In addition, together with the strategic partners of ShipItPro, the entire carbon emissions cost of the delivery will be displayed to the customer. As a result, ShipItPro’s CO2 tax management function will be the pioneering solution for the carbon border adjustment mechanism that the EU will develop in the upcoming years.

Together with Tallinn University of Applied Sciences, a novel and innovative green logistics module for ShipItPro’s platform will be developed. ShipItPro’s load optimization function will reduce ”empty running” levels by logistics service providers to 10%, which is considerably less than the EU average of  20% empty run kilometres in road freight transportation.15 The reduction of empty running will be achieved by helping to better organize loads of different transport modes and by optimizing the route of the delivery to use different modes of transport (air, ocean, rail, and road) when needed. In addition,  ShipItPro’s platform is connected with multi-carrier and crowdsourced carrier networks who offer carbon-free delivery, which means that the customers of the eCommerce companies can choose an environmentally friendly delivery option at product checkout. For logistics service providers, a tokenized bonus system is used to motivate the shift towards carbon-free delivery options,  and in cooperation with the South Pole or other carbon finance organizations,  emissions from traditional delivery methods will be completely offset.

Tallinn University of Applied Sciences will help ShipItPro to develop a  green logistics module that includes green delivery, eco-friendly packing,  sustainable warehousing, waste management, and data collection and management.


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ShipItPro’s software is secured by blockchain middleware, which ensures that the information exchanged by the system, such as personal or credit card information, is secured and timestamped with the purchase date. Secured data flow between the seller, importer, and EU customs authorities will allow eCommerce companies to verify the original cost, origin, and transaction data to the authorities.


In addition, the payments and parcel insurance modules will help clients to securely pay for the product and make sure that the parcel’s value is returned when something unexpected happens during delivery...



Shipit pro’s solution utilizes original eCommerce transaction data for automatic  VAT & import duty calculation and creates consignment labels that are linked with automatic EU customs declaration generation. AI-based proprietary HS  code assessment (see description above) is used for declared information evaluation that is important for all eCommerce, logistics chain, and customs clearance stakeholders.


The customs declarations will be digitally signed at an eIDAS security level and archived in the EU Member State’s repositories with access rights for authorized viewers including carriers. A blockchain timestamp middleware solution provides the means of securing the provenance of digital assets and the integrity of logs. This means that the middleware guarantees that no information can be modified or erased in the closed-loop process.


Shipit pro’s platform will be linked to the new European  IOSS VAT regime, allowing for fully digital management of all customs- and  VAT-related administrative relations to authorities.


ShipItPro’s platform will be integrated with the top logistics solution providers

operating in Europe such as DHL, DPD, FedEx, and EU post offices (full list of planned integrations is brought out in Document 2). Integrations with these post offices and logistics companies will ensure that delivery through  ShipItPro’s platform is reliable, fast, and with the best price for the end-user.


Moreover, ShipItPro will combat geo-blocking by integrating via API  connections with the biggest eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, and EU

post offices and logistics providers. ShipIt pro will be integrated with the most popular eCommerce platforms and marketplaces in the EU and as a result,  it will have the necessary volume of shipments to offer competitive delivery rates and solutions for eSellers and, in turn, the customers of eCommerce companies. End-users will be able to save up to 80% compared to standard delivery prices, and customers will have an easy return solution available.



Shipit pro’s AI-based product classification function will provide fast and correct HS codes for customs taxation.



• CO2 tax management

• Green transport, including load and route optimisation functions, 

    transport method options (air, ocean, rail, and road) and carbon-free 

    delivery options (electric vehicles, bicycles, scooters, etc.)

• Packing options (eco-friendly and reusable packing materials and more

    efficient packing solutions)

•  Warehousing/fulfilment

•  Waste management

• Data collection & management


•  Fully transparent shipment tracking

•  Freight solutions

•  Returns handling

•  Multi-carrier network

•  Crowdsourced courier network

•  Consignee notification and communication throughout the full logistics 



•  Secured data communication between the seller, importer, and  EU

     customs authorities powered by blockchain-based timestamp   


•  AI-based HS verification and commodity classification

•  Connected with relevant databases (incl. TARIC, AEO, EORI, REX)

•  Real-time VAT & import duties calculation and management

•  eDeclaration generation

•  100% compliance with EU 2021 VAT regulations

  Payments & Insurance 

•  One payment at checkout for the CO2 tax, VAT & import duty, logistics,

      insurance, and product cost

•  Automatically transfers the money to relevant parties (seller, 

     logistics partner, tax office)

•  Option to insure the parcel at checkout

Company Roadmap 


Shipit pro is founded 


Shipit pro’s fully operational platform is  ready for market deployment in DE, FR,  IT, ES, NL, BE


Basic platform tested in live environments. Shipit pro is awarded European Certificate of Excellence


Shipit pro’s fully operational platform is  ready for market deployment in DE, FR,  IT, ES, NL, BE


Shipit pro's platform fully developed (web & app UI and modules). Initial client acquisition


Shipit pro  is launched to the remainder of EU, UK, US & RU

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