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Shipit pro Summary


Shipit pro aims to develop its current solution to an innovative new level, taking into account the  EU’s climate policy and offering a unique and disruptive value proposition to the cross-  border eCommerce industry with CO2 tax management features and blockchain-based timestamping. Shipit pro will offer a novel

CO2 leakage calculation solution, whereby customers will see the cost of goods, VAT &  import duties, and delivery together with the  CO2 emissions of the delivery at checkout.


Moreover, the entire data flow between sellers, importers, and EU customs authorities will be transparent and secured with blockchain-based timestamp middleware,  guaranteeing the authenticity of the product and transaction data.


The online business-to-consumer (B2C)  eCommerce market in the EU was worth €621  billion in 2019, and the global B2C eCommerce market is expected to reach €7,110 billion by  2025. eCommerce companies selling in the  EU need a solution that helps them to comply with the new 2021 EU VAT rules, avoid high levels of errors in product classification for customs declarations, and guarantee a safe and fast delivery to the customer’s doorstep with green transport solutions.

Shipit pro’s overall goal is to develop into a  full-scale eCommerce ecosystem disrupting and leading the B2C eCommerce industry to become more environmentally friendly,

secure, and transparent. Today, Shipit pro has a functioning logistics module that allows users to create labels and track parcels together with the option to upload manifests, manage quotes and bookings, create reports and analyse data,  and manage invoices.


Relation to the overall strategy of Shipit pro

Shipit pro focuses on further developing the platform by adding additional modules for cross-border eCommerce platforms,  marketplaces, and eShops located in the EU  and in 3rd countries. During the project, key partnership agreements will be established with the national customs authorities in the EU, which processes declarations, VAT  & import duties, EU Member States’ post offices, and multi-carrier and crowd courier networks (crowdsourced) to develop the proposed platform together with the CO2  tax management and blockchain-based timestamp functions.


Thus developed, Shipit pro’s platform is projected to grow and generate €45 million in revenue by 2023 and create 100 high-value jobs. The company targets a 20% market share of the European eCommerce services

market by 2026. The crypto funding will ensure timely market uptake and cover the complete financing needed to optimise the solution and  carry out testing and validation with Shipit pro’s partners.